We find there are still customers who didn't know that you need to service your garage door. The largest and one the heaviest moving things in the home, garage door repairs and servicing becomes a matter of warranty, safety and security. Read on to find out more.


Importance of regular servicing to garage doors.

Regular servicing of your garage door and opener will ensure safe, smooth and quiet operation time and time again. There are many reasons why you should service your garage door. Most major manufacturers have this as a condition of the warranty. Twin City Roller Doors have an experienced service and repair team for b&d garage door repairs as well as servicing and repairs of all garage door brands and models.


Parts of the garage door and opener that require regular attention.

As you would service your car to ensure optimal performance, the garage door also requires regular maintenance.


Garage door springs are the hardest working part of your door. Did you know that it is the springs that do the lifting? Not the opener. The opener simply makes this automatic. The garage door is under spring tension at all times and without regular servicing and maintenance of the garage door and the opener the spring tension naturally adjusts, becomes heavy and means your automatic motor has to work so much harder to operate a heavy door. The springs are something in which should always be checked for tension and correct lubrication. If the door is very hard to operate or becomes completely inoperative - this is the first thing that needs checking. At Twin City Roller Doors, our service technicians are trained in b&d garage door repairs and are accredited by B&D Garage Doors. Any of our trained technicians will tell you that garage door spring tension is a very important part of regular garage door maintenance.

Automatic Openers

Automatic openers have built-in maintenance counters. When the opener has reached a certain amount of cycles, the opener will alert you that it is time for a garage door service or repair. At the start of each door movement, the motor will beep and a light will flash indicating its due. If a poorly maintained garage door causes the automatic opener to fail you may void your manufacturer’s warranty. Opener warranties are also void if you get your garage door opener wet. We remind customers to never hose the back of their garage doors and instead to wipe dust away with a damp cloth. Hosing your door will allow water to get to your motor and water inside anything electrical is not normally warrantable.

Lifting Cables

If you have a panelift door or sectional garage door at home and you see signs of wear on the lifting cables it is important to maintain these before a breakage happens. If your panelift cables break you will require an emergency repair. These are also an important part of the garage door which requires regular maintenance as this part has a role in opening your garage door every day.

Fasteners, hinges, tracks, brackets, all of the parts on the garage door also need regular checking and may require adjustment. Doors that aren't rolling straight, making lots of noise and doors that start and stop are all actions that a regular service and maintenance schedule can take care of.

A regular garage door service reduces the risk of costly repair bills when something goes wrong. Garage door servicing ensures continued hassle free operation, keeping your warranty’s valid. For further information you can visit B&D Garage Doors and Openers.

Please remind your kids to not stand under the garage door at home, you can read about kids and garage door safety here.