If you are looking for an energy saving, completely insulated door the Enviropanel garage door is greener garage door choice.

Each insulated panel is produced and made with a thermal barrier that separates the inner skins and out skins of the panel. It is a complete seal system, where the hot or cold heat from the exterior of the door will not transfer to the inside. The two skins are laminated with urethane adhesive, and sandwiched around a rigid expanded polystyrene core.

The Enviropanel also encompasses a jamb seal edge system to seal any gaps that may appear around the opening. The Enviropanel EPS core allows for better thermal retention and less moisture absorption. Whilst the Enviropanel is a smart design, appearance is still important. The Enviropanel is available in two modern profiles, flat wood grain or ribbed wood grain finish and available in the standard colour bond range.

  •  Seals gaps between door and panels
  •  System works to combat air migration
  •  Great acoustic barrier for noise insulation
  •  Durable door, great for kids playing nearby
  •  Heavy duty hinges
  •  Springs designed to exceed 20,000 cycles

B&D Enviropanel™ is a total insulated door system which starts with insulated panels, produced using two layers of high quality steel and a solid EPS core.

Each panel features an energy efficient thermal break that effectively separates the inner and outer skins of the panel, reducing thermal transmission from the front to the back of the door. Then the complete sealing system, between the panels, and around the door, work to combat air migration - making the B&D Enviropanel the perfect choice when you want to minimise household heating or cooling costs.

The Enviropanel features three separate seals that combat air migration;

  •  Jamb Edge Seal System to seal any gaps there may be between the door and the opening
  •  Thermal barrier joint seal running the full width of the door, seals off inherent gaps between each panel
  •  A deep cushioning 'U' shape flexible vinyl extrusion attached to the bottom panel to seal the gaps

The Enviropanel also features a purpose designed thermal break that does not have metal-to-metal contact from one side of the door to the other.  It is constructed from quality Expanded Polystrene (EPS) resulting in minimal 'thermal drift' – this means the product will retain its insulation properties longer than other comparable materials.


Colours Available

Enviropanel doors are available in the standard B&D colour range, however, lighter colours are recommended to improve overall insulation performance. Jamb seals are available in 4 colours.


Profiles and Sizes

The Enviropanel is available in two contemporary profiles – Flat and Ribbed. Both styles feature the embossed texture.