Automatic Gate Openers For Your Home and Business In Albury Wodonga

How Twin City Roller Doors can help you with an automatic gate opener?

Automatic gate openers are available for both swinging and sliding gates and are able to be installed and set up with a  range of access options. Twin City Roller Doors can help design an access solution for you so you can best control who accesses your property. Adding the additional layer of security, there are several access options for automatic gate openers in Albury and Wodonga. 

How do you want to operate your automatic gate?

  • Remote controls?
  • Swipe access?
  • Wireless weatherproof keypad? – A great option for regular visitors or multi-occupant homes
  • Your phone – Twin City Roller Doors can now set up a smart phone control kit so that you can open and close your gate and garage door from your phone.   

The smart phone control kit is a perfect option for the busy family. You will not worry again about losing your remote but you can open the garage door no matter when you are with your phone. Receive notifications of which user has operated the door such as the kids accessing the gate when home from school. This offers complete peace of mind as to who is entering and exiting the home or office. 

Head to the accessories page for more information on keypads and the smart phone control kit.  Here's a video you can watch  on how the smart phone control kit operates.    

Swinging or sliding gates? 

If you do not already have the gate installed, Twin City Roller Doors work with a team of steel fabricators to design and install your gate from scratch. Automatic Gate Openers for both single and double gates are available. Here are some considerations for what might determine the type of gate you may need:

  • Is the ground even?
  • Will the gate be constructed from steel or timber, cladded with a material to match the exterior of the house?
  • The weight of the gate?
  • How many times will the automatic gate be operated? Daily, a couple of times each week?
  • How many people need to access through the gate?
  • What is the overall width span you have to work with?
  • Is there room for the gate to be mounted, have you got side room of steel, brick, timber?
  • How big do you want the gate to be?
  • Is your current gate in good manual working order, easy to both push and pull? 
  • Are there any broken parts or hinges?  
  • Do you have the room for a sliding gate to slide back past the opening? If you have a 4M opening, you will need 8 metres for the gate to completely open. 
  • Is swinging gate preffered? Do you want a set of double opening gates or one single gate like a farm gate?   

Swing Gate Opener Albury

Children, pets and automatic gates 

Automatic gates create a safety boundary for your pets and children. With functions such as the automatic close function, you will never have to worry about not closing the gate. Gate openers, both swinging and sliding can be operated with mains power, or if you don’t have a power point close by or perhaps it is a farm gate, a solar gate opener may be the solution for you. For children around the home and business driveways that are heavily accessed, we recommend installing photo electric safety beams on your gate. In the event of something passing through the gateway, the gate will stop in operation and automatically reverse.     

Solar Gate Opener Albury Wodonga  

Swinging gate operating with the smart solar kit. 

Gates and garage doors in Albury Wodonga

Many of our clients ask us if they can operate the gate opener from the same remote they already have for their garage door. This is possible and can be easily achieved. Make sure you ask us how when we meet you at your driveway to measure up and give you a free quote. Head here to fill in all of your details or give Twin City Roller Doors a call. We welcome any photos of your existing gate so we can get started.