Organise your garage with these simple tips

What's behind your garage door? 

Our Twin City Roller Doors installers are inside customer’s garages every single day. Now days the garage isn’t always used for a home to store the cars. Within Albury Wodonga just some of the garages we visit are home gyms, home offices, kids rumpus rooms and play spaces, workshops and art studios just to name a few.

Often we get asked how we can keep the spaces warm or cool, reduce noise and overall how the garage door can make the space more secure or how the garage door can suit the area in terms of functionality whilst keeping the look and feel of the space.

As todays consumers we accumulate so much stuff. We thought we could share with you some of the great storage ideas we have seen within the garage. If your garage currently feels like a mess of boxes and unsorted clutter and you need to reclaim some space to get the car back in, then some of these tips could help you at home.

Utilise Vertical Space 

Can you maximise storage space within ceilings or on the garage walls? Make use of the walls that aren’t being used to create hanging space. We have seen many garages lined with wall racking and series of vertical hooks so that all garden tools and items can be hung and easy to find instead of scrambling through the shed or cupboards for these. Screw in hooks are great because it gets lighter items off the ground. Think about your long items, fishing rods, dowel or long pieces of timber can be stored in lengths of poly pipe and fastened away. 

Stack with shelving 

Again maximising all the space available, for items you rarely use and need try creating racks high up on the walls out of the way. There are so many shelving options out there but we have seen many customers make their own by using simple timber and some 50 x 50 steel angle. You can pick up steel sections fairly well priced from our local merchants and hardware stores.  

garage shelving

Create zones or work stations within your garage 

Group all of the similar items together. Tools, garden items, spare materials, even camping, fishing and boating equipment. Using a pegboard is a great idea for over your work bench making this easy to store you tools or other items. Even an organiser with compartments is good for above workstations.   

Clear the clutter from your garage! 

Separate your stuff into piles and make a trash or sell pile for anything you no longer have a need for. Not every family has the luxury of a large shed at home where they can store items, clear out what is no longer used. Have you considered ever having a garage sale? This could be a good time to get rid of unwanted items or even donate them to charity. 

Is the garage door up to scratch? 

Now you have organised your garage and it’s nice and neat, does your garage door need some attention? Twin City Roller Doors can help you keep your door operating 24/7 with maintenance and annual service schedules. We can tackle things like noise, spring tension, motor adjustments and more. Perhaps it’s time for a B&D Garage Door upgrade. For homes that use the garage as another living space, the insulated panelift is a great choice to assist in reducing noise and keeping a regulated temperature. Call Twin City Roller Doors to discuss your sales and service needs – (02) 60408666.