Garage Door Upgrade? How about some cash back with that ?!?

The Great Australian Garage Sale is back! 


At Twin City Roller Doors, we loved sharing this garage door promotion with our customers last year. We are thrilled to announce that this B&D garage door promotion is back and is now in full swing. Read on below for all of the details on the promo and more importantly how you can receive up to $ 250 cash back on your new garage door. 

Ready for that upgrade or replacement? 

Are you interested in replacing your garage door for a new style at home? Have you been putting off replacing the old and worn garage door because the cash was just a little bit of a stretch? The Great Australian Garage Sale is back and our team at Twin City Roller Doors are excited to share with you, this awesome promotion is on again and its currently running until the 9th of March. 

We are offering you a cash back on some of the most popular garage doors to help you feel safe and secure in your own home. 

The concept is pretty simple - If you are a residential homeowner who places an order with us at Team Twin City Roller doors for your new garage door between now and Friday March 9 inclusive, you are able to claim a cash back via redememption with B&D Doors. Don't worry, we are here to help and assist make this an easy process for you. 

Trust the B&D Garage Door brand with Twin City Roller Doors behind it...

The B&D garage door is the safest garage door on the Australian Market.  At Twin City Roller Doors we stand by this Australian iconic brand because we know that we and our customers can trust it. We have been in the industry for nearly 20 years and through this time, we have gained enough experience to be able to know, trust and promise our customers that this is the garage door that needs to be on Australian homes. Most importantly something offering top level security to ensure your home is safe and sound, all year round. 

And, you can get cash back on your new B&D garage door - right now! or phone- (02) 6040 8666