Protect Your Home & Family From Bushfires with Ember-Seal

The Garage Door and House Fires 

The garage door is the entry and exit point of the home. You need to make sure in the threat of a bush fire you can always get out. In very intense fires there may be little you can do but did you know it only takes few embers to start one? 

What if the power goes out? Get a battery back-up so you can get out – quick. 

When in attack of a bush fire we can lose power to our homes. In the severity of a bush fire, a large number of suburbs will lose power due to the fires, high winds and many suburbs can go without communications and water. You’re in a hurry and you need to get out. The family is in the car and you’re ready to go but the power has cut out and your remote isn’t opening your garage door. You don’t have time to get out of the car, pull the manual release cord and push the garage door up. Where did that ladder go anyway?

Even worse – what if you don’t know how to disengage it? What are you going to do? Battery back-ups can save lives in the event of bush or house fire attack. Installed to the motor of your garage door and in the event of a power failure, your motor will switch over to battery power ensuring your garage door will always operate.  This smart system switches over automatically when power is lost and recharges automatically when the mains power returns. Even if the garage door is moving when the power cuts out, the battery will take over.   

It’s not as expensive as you think… call Twin City Roller Doors to find our more and we can provide you with the cost.

Get some Ember and Cinder Seals – Trap embers before they get through inside.

If you’ve got gaps around the garage door, you’ve got a weak point for ember entry. At Team Twin City we can install Embaseal or cinder seal for you around the opening to stop embers from getting through these gaps. Of course if the fire is very intense nothing can stop this but did you know it only takes a few embers to start one? These seals are made from fire retardant materials in rubber and brush form.

Heres some features and benefits of the seals:

·       Seals are suitable for use in high fire risk zones, dry, arid climates, coastal areas and dusty regions where high winds are present.

·       Superior gap filling ability

·       Seals also act as barriers to dust, leaves and dirt from entering through the garage door

·       A Full perimeter seal for the top and sides


Twin City Roller Doors have seal solutions for your garage door – either roller door or sectional door, in stock all the time and always ready to go we can book you in for a check or installation straight away.  

Case Study: 

It’s not a nice image, but this is the shocking reality of what fires can do. This was taken in Perth in 2016 where two ambulances were destroyed. Embaseal would have prevented the embers getting in through the doors and allowing time – if the station had battery back up the officers could just get the ambulances straight out. 

Perth, WA, 2016

Source: Abc, 2016. 

A few tips for fire prevention around the home 

·       Clear the outside of the home from any debris

·       Reove over hanging trees and branches around your roof

·       Fire breaks – clear pathways

·    Remove flammables from the house 


Roller Shutters for your windows 

Twin City Roller Doors also install security shutters to windows and door ways. These can also help in the event of house fires or bush fires – Call Twin City today for a free measure and quote.