The Added Benefits Of An Insulated Garage Door
Insulated your garage door with Twin City Roller Doors

Insulating your garage door is now easier than ever before. At Twin City Roller Doors, a common question our customers ask us is, “Can I Insulate the garage door?” Now an optional extra when you order your B&D panelift door, insulation can be fitted into the back of the door when the garage door is made.

Now days, the garage isn’t always used for storing your cars at home. We often have customers convert their garages into spaces to be used for gyms at home, home offices, a rumpus or games room and even home theatres. Designed to help temperature control and a barrier to noise an insulated door could be for you. Thinking about upgrading your garage door? Ask us at Twin City Roller Doors about insulation when booking in your free measure and quote?

I already have a perfectly fine panelift door?

If you already have an existing panelift door you are interested in insulating, Twin City can help here too. An existing panelift door can also have insulation added to help with temperature control and noise. Give us call and we can organise your free quotation on your garage door insulation.

Our customers at Twin City Roller Doors are loving the look of the insulation as well. Not only practical, the insulation also looks extremely presentable. Many of our customers who are using the garage as their home gym have said that it makes the garage a nicer space, and makes it much more of a room in the home rather than just a garage.

Our B&D Doors offer excellent heart and noise technology. Want to know what the garage door insulation is made of? A special product called Thermasilver. A graphite material within the middle of the skins of the door that we specify at order time, an easy upgrade for the customer.

Not to worry about extra time. Upgrading your door to include the insulation is an optional extra that won’t come at a time cost. We can have your door made within normal lead times.

Twin City Roller Doors customers also ask quite regularly about the seals , either brush or rubber that seal around the whole perimeter of the opening to stop, birds, dust and other creepy crawlies from getting into the garage. This is also an easy upgrade when we order the door. Jamb seals around the door makes for a complete garage door seal. A good idea to think about if you aren’t using your garage door to just store your cars.

Want to see how neat and clean insulation is in real life? Easy. Head to our showroom, located at 132 Fallon Street Albury and check out the door on display. If you are interesting in upgrading your garage door, converting your carport or replacing some old roller doors why not consider insulating the new door? Otherwise you can check out this facebook post with some photos of a recent installation of a B&D panelift door with insulation:

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