Robust shutter Advantage is available in either .6, .8, 1.0 or 1.2 mm slats - suited to a multitude of applications including factories, warehouses, carparks, kiosks, bars and more.

  •  Suited to multitude of applications
  •  Wide range of Slat styles & colours
  •  Perforation & Slotting available
  •  High cycle operation available
  •  Loads of options


Slat Thickness Min Height Max Height Min Width Max Width
6/100 900 6000 900 7000
8/100 900 6000 900 7000
10/100 900 10000 900 12000
12/100* 900 10000 900 12000
* Up to 10,000 (h) x 11,500 (w) or 8,400 (h) x 12,000 (w)

Bottom Rail

Extruded aluminium T section bottom rail. Top edge formed to interlock with the bottom slat of the shutter.
Steel box section, 75mm (h) x 40mm (w) bottom rail.
Top edge formed to interlock with bottom slat of shutter, cold roll formed from 2mm steel.
Taper: Optional, Minimum taper 30mm. Maximum taper 150mm.
Weatherseal: Standard.
Wind rated not available with wicket gate option.
Slats over 7 metres wide or tapered slats requires a box section bottom rail.



Standard: Internal chain seat. OPTIONS: Key locking: Fitted for aluminium bottom rail. Locking bolts: For steel bottom rail only. Internal use only. Bottom rail shoot bolt. Internal and external slide bolts or key locking on aluminium bottom rails up to 4800mm wide.
Rivers lock.

Note: Hand operated supplied standard with external bottom rail slide bolt.



  • Steel channel, cold roll formed, 2.0mm steel, depth of 70mm.
  • Windlocking: Optional.
  • Guides cold roll formed, 3.2mm steel, minimum depth 85mm, measuring 50mm across back, with 40mm x 12mm mild steel bar welded to inside surface of the guide.


  • Helical torsion type drum springs, made from spring steel wire.
  • Spring life designed for 20,000 cycles.


  • Steel tube drum, a minimum O.D of 168mm x 3.18mm wall thickness.
  • Designed so drum stress does not exceed 124MPa. Drum is fitted with bearings, mounted on a bright mild steel spindle with a minimum thickness of 35mm.

Direct Lift

  • Directly driven motor requiring no springs within the drum.
  • Inclusive of a patented safety brake system.
  • Drive life designed for 100,000 cycles with safe drive*.

*6/100 & 8/100 slats are only designed for 50,000 cycles.



  • Manual hauling chain on guide rope, chain geared or power driven.


  • Two piece bracket can be mounted inside or outside, or on either side of opening
  • 12mm mild steel construction.


  • Galvanised steel finish with all M/S components prime coated.
  • Optional powder coat finish available when specified.
  • Hauling chains shall be zinc passivated. Colorbond is optional.


  • Ventilation: Optional
  • Mullions: Optional
  • Personnel access: Optional
  • Wicket gates (inward opening) 1200mm (h) x 600mm (w)
  • Escape gates (outward opening) 2030mm (h) x 1020mm (w)
  • Access gate (inward opening) 2030mm (h) x 1020mm (w)
  • Windlocked: Optional
  • Tapers: 30mm to 150mm.

Slat Perforation

Slat Thickness Solid Slat Perforation Slotted Slat (% Free Area / Slat)
6/100 N/A N/A 32mm Round (14.5%) 8x77 (4%) 18.5x101 (13%)
8/100 N/A N/A 32mm Round (14.5%) 8x77 (4%) 18.5x101 (13%)
10/100 N/A (40%) 32mm Round (14.5%) 8x77 (4%) 18.5x101 (13%)
12/100* N/A N/A 32mm Round (14.5%) 8x77 (4%) 18.5x101 (13%)